Field service management refers to the monitoring of work performed offsite of the business’ premises such as technicians going out on calls and goods being delivered. Field service management software can give users valuable insight into their field service performance. 



Through WHG Technologies’ GPS tracking systems and field management services software, we are able to set up field technician mobile apps which will allow your field staff to access all the advantages of field service tools, such as 24/7 location monitoring, route planning, exception reporting, automated maintenance planning, fuel consumption monitoring and electronic work diaries.



Field service tracking assists businesses with efficiency, productivity, and customer service by providing insights into both real time and overview data. Analyse trends based on time, location, or vehicle, then use these insights to make changes that drive your business forward.
The advantages of a comprehensive field service management system include:
  • Easier job scheduling
Complete visibility of your entire staff complement, assists with job scheduling by allowing you to send the closest person to any site.
  • Enhanced timesheets
Know exactly when a team arrives and departs a customer’s site, through automated system driven alerts, making timesheets more accurate. All reports are automatically scheduled to ensure that reports are delivered to the correct person.
  • Increase in productivity
WHG Technologies gives you the ability to see all field service activity all the time. With better scheduled jobs, your team is able to accomplish more every day.
  • Ease of use
Our easy-to-use web interface allows you access to your field service information from any device with an internet connection, allowing you the flexibility to manage your team on the go. The system records all time and travel information.
  • Customer service
Simply run the ‘Time at Location Report’ that proves exactly when the team arrived and departed the customer site and the duration of the call out, providing you with accurate information. Give customers accurate arrival times via real-time location data that accounts for traffic and weather delays. 



As original equipment manufacturers, we can work with you to manufacture a customised telematics solution for your specific field services management needs. With extensive knowledge and experience, our highly skilled team of project managers and engineers guide our customers through every step of the process. This makes sure that the end result adds value to and improves our customers’ businesses. 
We design and support solutions for all asset categories, passenger and commercial vehicles, buses and coaches, and plant and equipment such as construction vehicles and tools. We offer customised white-labelled solutions, automotive products and a range of retail vehicle tracking and fleet management products, utilising proprietary hardware and software.
WHG Technologies’ clients include owner operators, small- to medium-size businesses such as plumbers and electricians, transport and logistics companies, hire operators, large corporate clients and several large vehicle manufacturers. 
To discuss your business’ requirements and get a free quote contact our team below. 



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