The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a growing sector of the telematics industry. The concept covers the use of internet and GPS connectivity to control and track assets not traditionally connected to the internet or tracking software such as household appliances or mobile assets like trailers, caravans, construction equipment, shipping containers, packages, and a host of other items. 



For many businesses, being able to track valuable equipment is a game-changer, allowing more control over assets and peace of mind knowing that assets can be located in real-time, 24/7. With WHG Technologies, assets are tracked via a tracking device that then connects to IoT asset tracking software that can be accessed from any internet-enabled device, ensuring that you are able to see the location of every item you own, at all times, at the touch of a button. 



WHG Technologies’ IoT based asset tracking products also assist with the logistics of managing business equipment. Traditionally, assets have been managed via a system of sign-ins and sign-outs on a piece of paper, or at best, an online spreadsheet. Both these systems require human monitoring. The paperless log books enabled by IoT asset tracking, automates many of the logistics of asset management. With WHG Technologies you gain control of your tool, asset and inventory management through a dynamic online web portal and smart phone app that can categorise items according to company, branch, department, asset type, date of use, date of purchase or any other parameters which make sense to your protocols. 



A useful application of IoT is managing the maintenance of assets. WHG Technologies provides automated alerts for scheduled maintenance which can be invaluable in keeping your assets functioning, extending their life, and avoiding unnecessary expenditure. You can store information about past maintenance and issues so that they can be reviewed at the touch of a button,and you can make decisions around replacements and repairs based on accurate data. 




WHG Technologies makes it easy to set up geofences around warehouses or yards and enable alerts when items enter or leave those areas, assisting managers in monitoring usage and providing early warning of possible theft which can be dealt with swiftly. A geofence is a virtual border created around a physical location. 

When a tracked vehicle or asset crosses this virtual line, an alert is sent to the nominated manager who can then review the information and act to prevent theft or recover stolen items quickly. Notification alerts can be sent via email, text message, on-screen within the portal, or even push notifications within the app. These can be configured to be sent each time the asset arrives and leaves the site or only when movement happens after scheduled operating hours.


WHG Technologies also offers an IoT asset management platform called iLink Air. iLink Air offers a software suite of business management modules each designed and configured to meet individual company, organisation, or enterprise requirements. These can include asset location services, construction equipment asset management, equipment maintenance tracking and construction tool tracking apps amongst others. 
The Asset Manager Module utilises QR barcodes attached to the asset tracking hardware to create a unique one-to-one relationship and digital twin of the asset. The digital twin allows you to track per asset, location, maintenance, condition, specifications, and a range of other specific asset attributes. Track assets using a range of different Telstra IoT network technologies including Cat-M1/LTE-M, GPS and the Telstra Bluetooth® Finding Community.



WHG Technologies offers a range of devices that use different systems for power and transmission of information. Wired devices are used to monitor vehicles, trucks, generators, plant equipment and other items that have their own power source. Solar or battery powered devices that utilise 3G or 4G networks are a practical solution for non-battery powered assets while small equipment or tools can be tracked via a Bluetooth-enabled device that runs on a battery. 



Built to withstand the elements, WHG Technologies’ ruggedised 68 Cat M1 Solar Tracking Unit can be attached to containers, trailers, construction equipment and other large, moveable assets. With a rechargeable solar battery that can last up to four months between charges, and a device life of approximately five years, it is simple to set up and use. The unit provides visibility with up to one track per minute when moving and one track per four hours when stationary.  It operates as an independent device that does not rely on the prime mover or any type of hard-wired installation - deal for sub-contractor and large fleet trailer applications.



Tracking movable assets gives you visibility of your assets and valuable insight into their usage. With this data, our clients are able to save time and money, secure their assets better, and deliver an improved experience to their customers. 
WHG Technologies offers a range of IoT asset tracking devices to track assets of all sizes and values, from onsite tools to national fleets. 
To discuss your asset tracking needs and get a free quote contact our team below.



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