One of the most practical implementations of fleet management telematics systems is as a safety monitoring system which includes tracking driver behaviour. The data gathered from fleet management systems can provide important insights into driver behaviour including unsafe driving practices. These insights can highlight both positive and negative patterns and suggest any modifications that should be addressed.



WHG Technologies’ telematics products continuously collect and analyse data, providing data-rich insights that can reveal patterns of unsafe or inefficient driving. Perhaps a particular group of drivers is high-risk behind the wheel. The data can be used to identify why this may be so: are they overscheduled, does their supervisor demand unrealistic turn-around times? By analysing the data from WHG Technologies’ telematics, you’re able to spot these issues and address them to increase both safety and productivity.  



Ongoing professional development is an important aspect of ensuring the safety of a fleet. A driver coaching program is an effective strategy for facilitating road safety discussions and stating expectations. It is important to use the data gathered in conjunction with drivers’ own insights into their experiences and to ensure that one-off unsafe incidents are anomalies. 



Incentivising safe driver behaviour is made simple by using the data gathered by fleet management telematics and drivers are more accepting of this monitoring if it is integrated into programs that acknowledge and reward safe driving. A driver scorecard that rates drivers on aspects of their performance including speeding, harsh braking, harsh cornering and harsh acceleration, engine start-up and shut-down, erratic driving and lane changes, idling time and the use of seatbelts. 
This information can be used to enforce driving policy and reduce unsafe behaviour like excessive speeding and vehicle idling. Customised to suit the needs of the business, the data generated by WHG Technologies’ fleet management software can be used as a safe driving monitor that is regularly shared with the driver and their supervisor to determine whether safety standards are being met or not. These initiatives help to create a culture of safe driving behaviours.



WHG Technologies’ fleet management products can be configured to alert drivers to unsafe behaviours in real-time to decrease the chances of an accident immediately. Alerts for speeding, bad weather ahead and upcoming traffic congestion all assist drivers to modify their behaviour correspondingly and reduce the risk of an incident. Managing a large fleet is time intensive and there may not be the opportunity to review all the alerts you might receive, which is why WHG Technologies has a team of specialists who monitor alerts 24/7 and will flag serious incidents as they occur, saving you valuable time and resources while increasing the safety of your drivers.



Driver fatigue is a very real issue for all drivers. WHG Technologies is a partner of the Seeing Machines Guardian network and offers best-in-class fatigue management software and corresponding hardware components. These are designed to help keep your drivers and others safe on the road via world-leading technology that prevents driver fatigue incidents and distraction-related events in real time. 
The product has the ability to monitor and track driver fatigue with real-time, in-cab alerts and prompts to aid the driver, aligning the driver’s operation with the company’s fatigue management plan and CoR compliance. The driver fatigue management system works by using proprietary face and eye tracking algorithms to measure a driver’s eye closure and head position to determine whether they are fatigued or distracted. Guardian provides immediate intervention to the driver when fatigue or distraction starts to take hold.



In the event of an accident, WHG Technologies’ fleet management solutions provide accurate data that can give insight into the circumstances of the incident. 
Did the driver brake timeously? 
Were they speeding? 
What were the weather conditions? 
Were the windscreen wipers or indicators on? 
Was there an engine fault? 
Answers to these questions can be gleaned from the system without relying on the recollections of a driver who is likely to be shaken up. 




Breaking down can be a dangerous prospect for drivers but with real-time location tracking via GPS, drivers’ whereabouts are known, to within a few meters, at all times and help can be dispatched quickly. Alerts in the event of an impact are also sent immediately to notify supervisors of a potential accident where a driver may require medical assistance.




Improperly maintained vehicles cause accidents and keeping vehicles well-maintained is one of the most important changes that can be made. With WHG Technologies’ tracking solutions, automated health check and remote hardware diagnostics support increases vehicle safety. 
Service Reminder Notifications are received directly to your phone or email allowing you to automatically manage service intervals, without having to rely on mileages from drivers or checking the calendar. Store information about past maintenance and functioning issues so that they can be reviewed at the touch of a button and decisions around any malfunctions made based on accurate data. 



Ensuring that drivers are following the rules of the road enhances not only their safety but that of other road users. The repercussions of poor driving practices can extend to your brand as a whole and providing all drivers with the best opportunity to drive safely is good for their health, good for the longevity of vehicles, and reflects positively on your business. 
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