Driver fatigue is a very real issue for all drivers, but especially those who sit behind a wheel for a living. In Australia, fatigue management has become a hot topic, with technology now available to prevent fatigue-related incidents. 
Although all drivers would like to believe that they always have eyes on the road and would pull over if they are tired, the truth is that over 185 people are killed in accidents involving heavy trucks each year, and a lack of attention is 78% of the reason behind crashes on Australia's roads. Recognising this and imposing regulations around fatigue for your business isn’t simple, especially if your drivers aren’t aware that they’re starting to fatigue.



Fatigue management software and corresponding hardware components help to keep your drivers and others safe on our roads via world-leading technology that prevents driver fatigue and distraction related events in real-time. The system has the ability to monitor and track driver fatigue and respond with real-time in-cab alerts and prompts to aid the driver, aligning the driver’s operation with the company’s fatigue management plan and helps satisfy CoR compliance. This leading fatigue management product, called Guardian, is developed by Seeing Machines and proudly distributed in Australia by WHG Technologies.



The driver fatigue management solution works by using proprietary face and eye tracking algorithms to measure a driver’s eye closure and head position to determine whether they are fatigued or distracted. Guardian provides immediate intervention to the driver when fatigue or distraction starts to take hold. Audio alarms and seat vibration alerts are activated instantaneously to warn the driver to re-focus their attention to the road. 
When Guardian detects an event, a driver fatigue alert and footage is immediately sent to the 24/7 Guardian Centre to be reviewed by a team of specialists who will notify the driver’s manager within minutes. With Guardian, fleet managers can respond in real-time to fatigued and distracted driving to help reduce the risk of a fatigue-related accident. With compliance reporting and the ability to adjust the operation of the Driver Fatigue Smart App the solution can be configured to best suit business needs.
The incident report includes: Time, date, location, speed, distance travelled, duration, duration in trip since departure, driver facing and forward-facing footage. This information is only provided in the event that fatigue or distraction is detected. Guardian is not a CCTV camera and drivers cannot be monitored all the time ensuring that privacy is not compromised. 



The hardware installed in the vehicle includes: 
The in-cab guardian sensor - which tracks eye closure and head position to provide protection against fatigue and distraction, even through sunglasses and obstructions.
A fanless computer or controller - which is the heart of Guardian and connects all peripherals and power
A forward-facing camera - which captures footage of the road in front of the vehicle, and 
A vibration motor - which acts as the driver alert device and moves the seat when fatigue or distraction is detected.


Guardian detects fatigue, distraction and phone usage and aligns with fatigue management legislation.  To provide a complete safety service, Guardian provides clients with intelligent data for continuous results with access to a live database and daily and weekly reports. Clients are able to investigate the time-of-day fatigue and distraction occurs the most, the location and duration of all incidents, and the speed the driver was travelling. 
Managers are also able to review detailed footage of each incident to have a clearer understanding of driver behaviour in their fleet and an effective driver safety monitoring system. This information can be used to implement a fatigue management plan and Guardian can be used effectively in conjunction with driver safety programs for employees. 
This is an innovative solution for fleet managers who want to improve their driver and fleet safety. Drivers of heavy vehicles can fall asleep at the wheel during long trips. It’s essential to have a fatigue risk management system in place to keep them and other road users safe. 
This safety technology, coupled with our other fleet management solutions, gives you peace of mind knowing that you and your drivers have the best technology available to run a safer and more efficient fleet. 



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